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Welcome to I Air Platform, Inc.

I believe, I Air Platform technology can make significant contribution to our future transportation. As we all know that the new technology contributes to progress in making our world a better place to live; in our case we are the world’s first static ground effect vehicle inventor; anti-gravity box.

Thank you everyone, supporters and the team members for your hard work, dedication to your duties, and your passion to bring I Air Platform to a reality.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your questions.

Wishing everyone happiness and success in their endeavors.

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Brian Uitdenbogerd


At I Air Platform we work every day to solve the biggest problems in transportation technologies.

Our team is from all over the world with specific capabilities that drive and support each other’s tasks to complete our mission for a better, more efficient, cost effective, sustainable way of transportation for our future.

Our Story

We have achieved our dream in building the worlds very first I Air Platform, static ground effect vehicle.

Below is  our first prototype, lifting two 500 ml bottles of water:

Below is our second prototype lifting 40 kg:

I Air Platform was born September of 2015, result of research of building Air Train, a dream to build the world’s fastest Air train, A Mass Commercial Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV), Patent Pending, by utilizing parts from preexisting retired airline fleet in conjunction with new parts to replace or supplement the current speed trains in the world.

With this, I, (Intelligent & Innovation) Air Platform static ground effect technology, now the dream of building the world’s fastest speed train is possible at fraction of its cost than other existing speed trains in our world, faster and safer.

As the platform idea took shape, our team started getting more creative and identified that we were creating a “base”, one that could support an airplane body, and almost anything you could think of, thus, the beginning of a limitless technology.

Research and development of the static ground effect technology in lifting Air Platform is much more achievable in performance and costs, at this point I Air Platform took shape at full speed.

Intelligent Ground Effect Platform Applications

I Air Platform, Inc. has been formed to capitalize on a phenomenal plan to revolutionize transportation.

Our patent-pending concept, STATIC GROUND EFFECT TECHNOLOGY takes ground effect to a new level, with friction-less platform technology coupling sophisticated control technology to customized ground effect platforms to solve the future demands of the future transportation requirements.

We envision many applications for our technology:

We’re looking for a partner(s) to help us develop this technology further.

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